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At Aphrodite Tours, we call Cyprus the charming and sunny island of love! And not without reason−its geographical location in the north-eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, 75 kilometres from Turkey, 105 km from Syria, 200 from Israel and 380 from Egypt, allows local influence by their warmer weather patterns, providing salubrious weather all year long. Cyprus has sunshine 340 days in a year; the average annual temperature on the coast is around 24 °C (75 °F) during the day and 14 °C (57 °F) at night. Limassol, a prominent city to the south-west has a low of 9-10°C (48-50°F) in winter!

Mountains cover nearly half of the island, with the vast mountain mass Troodos to the south-west best known for its flora, comprised of pines, dwarf oaks, cypresses and cedars and Aphrodites Tours in Cyprus take the naturalist to pinnacles of ecstasy. Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Cyprus at 1952 m (6405 ft) above sea level, sees snow in the winters, attracting snow enthusiasts. Excursions in Cyprus are available to such snow lovers. Armed with knowledge of Cyprus, a tourist can decide in advance what to do in Cyprus.

The wide topography of the island makes for year-round tourist attraction in Cyprus. There are so many places to see in Cyprus that makes it hard to believe that an island just 239 km (149 miles) from end to end and only 9,251 km2 history is so variegated, possibly influenced by innumerable conquerors over millennia, that religious tours become a must, to reflect on times gone by. Tours in Cyprus also have a nautical edge, since yachting is one of the main entertainments on the island.

Aphrodite Tours, our new name since May 2013, has been in the tourist business since 1987 and organises tours in both Russian and English. Aphrodite Tours also arranges coach or minibus hire and a jeep safari around the island. Our travel affiliates in Ayia Napa, Protaras and Larnaca offer excellent organised group and individual tours with professional and licensed guides. We also offer many other services, including cruises to Israel and Egypt, day tours to Israel, yachts, Kitesurfing and local boat trips. Our company goal is to provide high quality service for each customer with a personal touch and over the years, our company’s sterling reputation has spread far and wide, something that we truly treasure.

Hot Offers
Katherine Nichipurenko
Red Bus Tour
Excellent Bus Tour. My husband and I booked seats on Aphrodite Tours to go on the Famagusta Day Trip as we have always been interested in what happened after the Turkish Invasion. This was like a dream come true. The nearest we got previously was seeing Famagusta from a boat. This trip was simply amazing. The guide was a walking encyclopedia. He told us things we never knew and showed us things we didn't think we would ever see. Highly recommended.
Ivan Skornyakov
Grand Tour Jeep Safari
The best bar in Aiya Napa! Great combination of everything you need! Can't wait to go back there and spice up my holiday! Once you go there it will make you repeat it again...and again. Great atmosphere and location, friendly staff, variety of good music...and ...soooo nice cocktails. I'm a Pepper fan for life and if you are in Napa, you must get addicted as well. Thank you ever so much, Aphrodite Tours for recommending this out of this world place.
Abbe Johnson
Pepper Bar Lounge
My hubby and I had read a recommendation of Aphrodite Tours special jeep trip called the Grand Tour− Jeep Safari, touching Lefkara, Laneia, a drive through the Troodos mountain range with wine tasting, Kykkos Monastery, Astromeritis, Larnaca, Ayia Napa and Protaras. We took up Aphrodite Tours offer and had a high speed ball, with the different wines stimulating our appetite for more. A really Grand Show! We second the recommendation.
Ades Smith
Village Pub, Kakopetria, Cyprus
Excellent traditional food! We were introduced to this pub by Aphrodite Tours on a stopover during a daylong trip in December 2012. Had a great experience! This time too, we chose Aphrodite Tours for our excursions in Cyprus and fortunately, we were lucky to find this pub unchanged. The food was amazing, the place was great; it is also a non smoking zone inside. Cozy table next to the fire place. Fair prices, value for money, traditional home made wine; my husband went for delicious steaks but I recommend the traditional cuisine. The service was excellent both times. We must thank Aphrodite Tours for this trip.
Alexandra Chichikova
Larnaca- Nicosia-St. Thekla Monastery Tour
I chose the Larnaca-Nicosia & St. Thekla Monastery trip offered by Aphrodite Tours. A practising Christian, I was amazed to hear about and see the resurrection of Lazarus as related with a personal touch by the guide. The Church of St. Lazarus was marvellous; part of the sacred relics of the Saint were discovered just forty odd years ago! Stavrovouni was breathtaking as was the small village of Meniko, where the remnants of the tomb of St.Thekla were kept. The story of Church Panagia Chrysospiliotissa in a natural cave consecrated in honour of Virgin Chrysospiliotissa was very moving. I’m glad I took this tour and I am grateful to Aphrodite Tours for this edifying trip.
Andrea Taylor
Safari on Donkeys
My husband and I opted for Aphrodite’s Tours excursion to the Donkey Farm at Kelokedara Paphos. The concept is noble and the entire package wonderful. The local delicacies like sushukko washed down with Zivania warmed us up for the ride which was most enjoyable. The meal on return was delicious. The whole package was invigorating and exciting. I’ve framed my Diploma! Thank you, Aphrodite Tours, for suggesting this diversion.